Python Script Errors: object () takes no parameters

Object () takes no parameters

Often caused by missing underscores for the __init__ method. The __init__ creates an instance of a particular class.

Python makes a distinction between creating an object, and initializing an object. This corresponds to the difference that Heidegger made in Being and Time between Being and beings. The former is question of the”beingness” of being in general, whereas beings is a question of particular beings.

An object is created in Python automatically when a particular class is called. When an object is called the method __new__ is executed by Python straight away.

However we have to define the initialization of a particular object within the body of the class definition. The error: Object () takes no parameters is informing us that the Object is yet to take the form of a particular object.

A common error is that when we code __init__ within the body of the class definition we miss an underscore. Thereby Python does not recognize the __init__ method which defines a particular object, and throws up the error.


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